17th December





An international course on the detection, assessment and management of agitation in clinical practice


Agitation can be broadly defined as a state of motor restlessness accompanied by mental tension. It can be present among medical and psychiatric disorders. In the field of psychiatry, patients diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder as well as other disorders can suffer an episode involving around 1.7 million of psychiatric emergencies per year. Agitation is an acute state which is not easy to deal with, above all, when we are not provided with the appropriate tools. This course will address this topic providing a comprehensive range of instruments to manage agitation according to the severity of the episode. We will cover in detail verbal descalation techniques as well as pharmacological alternatives considering the diverse routes of administrations available at the moment. The course is displayed in a user-friendly format with an enhanced layout including presentations from the worldwide leading experts in the field, covering situations from our daily clinical practice. We hope this International course of the detection, assessment and management of agitation in clinical practice will be of the utmost interest to you. Eduard Vieta, Professor of Psychiatry and the Director of the Bipolar Disorders Program of the Hospital Clinic at the University of Barcelona